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2"-3" Dogface Puffer
2"-3" Dogface Puffer
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

2"-3" Dogface Puffer

Difficulty - beginner
Temperament: Semi-aggressive
Latin Name: Arothron nigropunctatus
Common Names: Blackspotted Puffer / Dogface Puffer / Arothron Dog Face Puffer
Adult full size: 12”
Minimum Tank Size: 90+gallons
UV Required: Recommended
Protein Skimmer: No
Reef Safe: NO
Foods: Live, Frozen & Dry

This is a great hardy fish for a marine predator aquarium. Because of its size when fully grown, and because they can be territorial, a large tank is definitely needed for this fish. As it gets bigger it will eat smaller fish, so tank mates should be similar size. Over time larger foods should be fed to keep their teeth whittled down. In the wild they eat invertebrates for this specific reason, so this fish definitely should not be put into a reef aquarium.
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