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2.5"-3" Copperbond Butterfly
2.5"-3" Copperbond Butterfly 2.5"-3" Copperbond Butterfly
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2.5"-3" Copperbond Butterfly

Difficulty: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Latin Name: Chelmon rostratus
Common Names: Beaked Butterfly Fish, Beaked Coral fish, Orange Stripe Butterfly
Adult full size: 8”
Minimum Tank Size: 70gallon
UV Required: Yes
Protein Skimmer: No
Reef Safe: No
Foods: Live, Frozen & Dry Foods

The Copperband Butterfly has an elegant silver sheen bisected by several luminescent copperbands with a disc-like shaped body that is laterally compressed and they have a long protruding snout tipped with a small mouth, and a small black dot on the end of its dorsal fin acting as a false eyespot. The Copperband Butterfly is a great choice for controlling pesky Aiptasia, however may not be considered reef safe, as it will nip at most sessile invertebrates, benthic invertebrates from small crevices (tubeworms and small crustaceans, coral polyps, polychaete worms, feather dusters). They should be fed mostly a carnivorous diet, consisting of finely chopped Mysis and Brine shrimp, and other finely chopped meaty preparations.

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Category: Butterflies