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3" Adorned Wrasse
3" Adorned Wrasse 3" Adorned Wrasse 3" Adorned Wrasse
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

3" Adorned Wrasse

Difficulty: Beginner
Temperament: Peaceful
Latin Name: Halichoeres cosmetus
Adult full size: 6”
Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallons
UV Required: Yes
Protein Skimmer: No
Reef Safe: Yes
Foods: Frozen & Dry Foods


This is a great reef wrasse for most aquaria, reaching a max size of 6”. Adorned wrasses accept well and eat all types of frozen/dry foods. Please note that: a) Adorned wrasses do bury themselves for defensive purposes, so do not be alarmed if they go missing for a few days, and b) you need a very tight-fitted lid for the tank. Wrasses may fight with other wrasses, be cautious when mixing.

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