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Golden Eye Alveopora
Golden Eye Alveopora Golden Eye Alveopora
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Golden Eye Alveopora

As with most L.P.S (Large Polyp Stony) Corals, Alveopora do better in areas of medium/low light combined with medium/low flow. These corals are also able to tolerate higher levels of nitrate and phosphate compared to S.P.S. in some cases L.P.S corals do better in conditions with higher levels of nutrients. Tanks with low nutrients may require dosing of coral foods such as amino acids, rotifers, phyto plankton, and powdered coral foods. L.P.S with their larger mouth is also able to consume small pellets and small pieces of frozen food. Being a stony coral requires adequate levels of calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, and trace elements are necessary for proper health. Regular testing and dosing of levels are imperative for long-term success. Ideal Reef Parameters (L.P.S) Specific gravity: 1.023-1.025 Calcium: 400-450 ppm Alkalinity: 8-11 DKH Magnesium: 1200-1400 ppm Nitrate: 1-10 ppm Phosphate: 0.03-0.07 ppm


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