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HyperCure eliminates ich the all-natural way, without harsh chemicals. Easy-to-use HyperCure treats the following common diseases in freshwater and marine aquariums:
• Freshwater Ich (Ichthyophthiriasis)
• Saltwater Ich (Cryptocaryoniasis)
• Velvet (Gold Dust Disease, dinoflagelliasis)
• Protozoan parasites (Trichodiniasis and others)
• Fungus (Saprolegniasis)

Always use with a high quality water conditioner and/or ammonia remover for optimum results without undesirable chemistry conflicts.

• All-natural formula
• Treats both freshwater and saltwater ich
• Treats other common aquatic diseases
• Environmentally friendly formulation
• No harsh chemicals
• Safe for all fish
• Non-staining, no more blue silicone
Regular price $9.99