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Live Rock Enhance
Live Rock Enhance
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Reef Brite

Live Rock Enhance

Live Rock Enhance™ contains microbial spores and their attendant enzymes. The ingredients in Live Rock Enhance™ eat and dissolve detritus, slime algae, and other waste within, rocks, sand, in the aquarium and/or in live rock curing containers.

Live Rock Enhance™ will help unclog biofilters, refugiums, and places decomposing detritus accumulates. Allows colonization of desirable organisms faster and prevents impacted detritus from interfering with colonization.

Live Rock Enhance™ is ideal for Reef aquariums, Fish only aquariums, with or without live rock.

Live Rock Enhance™ cures new live rock faster and more completely via microbial and enzymatic action.

Live Rock Enhance™ conditions/seeds Base Rock establishing a healthy biofilm via microbial action which helps discourage unwanted microorganism’s from attaching to the rock.

Live Rock Enhance™ unclogs the pores of new or established live rock and substrates and aids in keeping the surfaces clean.

Note: Live Rock Enhance™ is a live culture so it is recommended to turn off UV sterilizers while dosing.  Failure to do so may significantly reduce the effectiveness of the product.

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