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Pelewensis Butterfly
Pelewensis Butterfly Pelewensis Butterfly
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Pelewensis Butterfly

Category: Butterfly fish
Difficulty: Difficult
Personality: Shy, Picky
Latin Name: Pelewensis butterfly
Common Name: Sunset Butterfly
Adult Full Size: 5"
Min. Tank Size: 75gl
Safe for Reef Tanks (if applicable): No
Required UV (if applicable): Yes
Required Skimmer (if applicable): Yes
Foods: Pellets, Meaty Frozen Foods, Algae Sheets


Punctato butterfly is a species for veteran aquarist. UV sterilizer and protein skimmer is a must to prevent parasitic and bacterial infections. In the right set-up these fish are active, sociable and peaceful. This species is not suitable for reef tanks for they can be nipping on corals.
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Category: Butterflies