How To Acclimate Berghia Nudibranchs

Congrats on your new Aiptasia eradicators! These little Berghia nudibranchs will hunt for the most hard to reach Aiptasia. Included is a pipette for easy transfer. It is recommended to use the pipette to drip acclimate the Berghia until the salinity of water matches that of your tank. Turn off any powerheads or large sources of flow before adding them to your tank. Gently take the nudibranchs into your pipette and place them near any Aiptasia. Be careful to not place them directly onto the Aiptasia as they can still get stung or eaten. Enjoy as these little guys rid your tank of these pest anemones!
Check out this video our employee Brad made when acclimating them to his aquarium!

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