Top 4 Beginner LPS Corals


By: Caleb McNeil 

LPS corals are some of the most stunning in the reef hobby. Long Polyp Stony corals have come in an assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes, making them a fascinating group of coral to keep in home reef aquaria. Some genera of LPS coral, such as Goniopora can be finicky and difficult to keep. Today, I will highlight five species that are great for novice and advanced hobbyists alike. 
In no specific order: 
Acanthastrea lordhowensis is a great coral for any reef tank. These magnificent corals come in a wide array of colors. Known for the fleshy polyps and peaceful disposition with corals of the same species, these corals are a great candidate for a tightly packed garden. A weekly feeding regimen with Mysis shrimp, pellets, and coral food will keep these awesome Acans happy and healthy in your home aquarium.
Lighting: Moderate 
Flow: Low 
Duncans are hardy, colorful, and peaceful. What's not to love about them? This awesome branching coral does well in a wide range of water and lighting parameters, making it a great coral for the beginner reef hobbyist. These stunning Australian corals are a great coral for anyone looking to add flow to their tanks without keeping anemones or Euphyllia corals. Duncans also benefit from weekly direct feedings of meaty frozen food and coral supplements. 
Lighting: Moderate
Flow: Moderate
Caulastrea, also known as candy cane or trumpet coral, is a beautiful branching LPS, that is known for its vibrant highlighter green, but also comes in turquoise and purple-striped varieties. Another awesome coral that does well in high PAR with SPS corals, and low PAR with mushrooms and Blastomussa.
Lighting: Moderate
Flow: Low-Moderate 
Blastomussa Corals(Wellsi and Merletti
Blastomussa corals are a very unique LPS that come in some of the rarest color forms in the hobby! Usually vibrant colors are coupled with difficult care requirements, but that is the complete opposite in this case. Blastos do much better in lower light conditions. This aligns with many new reef hobbyist who haven’t necessarily invested into high output lighting systems.  This coral will actively feed on Mysis and other chunky frozen foods in the water column, making it very easy to feed. 
Lighting: Low
Flow: Low-Moderate

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