Top 5 Nano Reef Supplements

Top 5 Nano Reef Supplements

Top 5 Nano Reef Supplements

By: Glenn Laborda

There are a plethora of supplements out there. There is a huge overlap by many companies. We have tried most of them here at Absolutely Fish Naturals, and these are some of our all-time favorites.

I will break it up into a few different categories. They will be skeletal/body structure nutrients, foods for corals, vitamins/aminos, and general aquarium product.

When dealing with a Nano Reef, an all in one supplement is preferred. There are many out there, and we have tried them all, but we feel that we have gotten the best results from Brightwell’s Liquid Reef. Brightwell’s Liquid Reef has all the elements needed for skeletal/body structure, helping to give your corals the nutrients necessary to grow. Whether it’s for hard coral or soft coral, Brightwell’s Liquid Reef is a fantastic product.

Food sources are extremely important for the growth of corals. Again, we have used a wide variety of coral foods, and have found many that we like a lot, but if there was one that we had to pick it would be Reef Roids. Reef Roids are a great mix that can be dosed, broadcast fed, or target fed! Reef Roids help supply your corals with a source of energy, to help them utilize all the minerals available in your water!

For our vitamin and amino acid complex, one blows away all the rest. Red Sea's Reef Energy AB+!! You can tell by the thickness, and particles of carbohydrate sources, that this is hands the leader for vitamin and amino acid dosing. Reef Energy AB+ will supply your corals with all the vitamins and amino acids they need to help with growth, coloration, and vitality.

Lastly, the aquarium itself has an ecosystem that needs balance. Something we use in Freshwater, Marine, and our Reef systems and have seen great results in using. This is Dr. Tim’s Waste Away Gels! Dr. Tim’s Waste Away Gels comes in a small plastic container with a suction cup that you can easily hide in your sump, overflow, or anywhere in your system. Dr. Tim’s Waste Away Gels floods your aquarium with competitive exclusionary bacteria. This is quietly one of the best products we sell at Absolutely Fish Naturals! Another great bacteria supplement is Underwater Creature’s Vibrant line. This is an algae destroying, sludge eating, clarifying power house! It is another great bacteria supplement that we use in our Freshwater and Saltwater display tanks, and we have really noticed a difference since we started using it!

There ya have it! Our top 5 Nano Reef supplements!

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