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Nanacara anomala
Nanacara anomala Nanacara anomala
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Nanacara anomala

Difficulty: Beginner
Latin Name:
Nanacara anomala
Common Names:
Dwarf Acara, Goldeneye Cichlid
Adult full size:
Males - 3", Females - 1.5"
Minimum Tank Size:
Water Parameters:
Slightly acidic to neutral (pH 6.5-7.0)
Safe for Planted Tanks:
Bug Bites, Tropical Flakes, Bloodworms

One of the most peaceful and hardiest of the Dwarf Cichlids, Nanacara anomalas will make a great addition to any community tank 10 gallons or larger! Males will get an awesome blue sheen across their body that really starts to develop as they mature, while females get an awesome red-orange body with bright red fins! These guys are awesome for anyone looking to breed cichlids, as they are very easy to pair up to mate. Their colors really start to pop as they are ready to breed, so for the best color a pair is recommended. Be cautious when breeding in a tank with other fish however, as the females will defend their nest from other fish and can get slightly aggressive with tank mates. 

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