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Baby Brine
Baby Brine
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Absolutely Fish

Baby Brine

Live baby Artemia sp. provide an excellent food source for small saltwater or freshwater fish, coral, and fish fry. The baby brine shrimp are hatched and stored cold to slow down their metabolism and prolong nutritional content of the animal. After a period of time, our staff will feed and gut load the baby brine to ensure your aquarium gets a nutritious food source. You may also ask us to feed your bottle if you don't plan to use the product right away. 

Feeding baby brine is a tasty treat that could increase color and overall health of you fish if fed along with a well-rounded diet and regular tank maintenance, They are kept at a specific gravity if 1.024 and should be strained through a coffee filter to use for feeding freshwater fish. We recommend you use the brine shrimp immediately following purchase, but they can be stored in the fridge for a short time with the cap open. 

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