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Wolf Fish
Wolf Fish
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Wolf Fish

* WARNING * This fish is banned in California, Arizona & other states, which means if you live in CA/AZ we cannot sell/ship it to you. Please check your state’s laws before purchasing. As stated in our policy below, abiding by possession laws are the buyers’ responsibility.


Difficulty - Intermediate
Personality: Highly predatory and extremely aggressive, best kept alone or with much larger fish
Latin Name: Hoplias malabaricus
Common Names: Wolf Fish / Tiger Fish / Trahira
Adult full size: 20”
Minimum Tank Size: 75 gallons
Water Parameters: ph 7.0 + temp 78 F
Safe for Planted Tanks: Yes
Foods: Krill, Silversides, Prawn

This bottom dwelling predator can be very aggressive towards other fish (may kill or take chunks out of them). Finding suitable tank mates will be tricky (this fish is really meant to be kept alone); you may be able to mix with fish that are significantly bigger. Definitely cannot be mixed with other bottom dwellers. Also, make sure you have a secure lid on the tank as this fish has the ability to leap out of the water. It will easily take a chunk of skin/flesh off your hand, so caution is required when feeding. Driftwood or rock cave (hiding places) will make this fish feel more secure in the tank.

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