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Marginatus Pencil Fish
Marginatus Pencil Fish Marginatus Pencil Fish
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Marginatus Pencil Fish

Latin Name: Nannostomus marginatus
Common Name: 
Marginatus Pencil Fish, Dwarf pencil fish
Difficulty: Easy "Best in cycled tanks"
Peaceful, shy
Max Size: 
Minimum Tank Size:
10-20 gal
Plant Safe:
Chromo Flakes, small frozen foods, Daphnia, Bloodworms

The Marginatus pencil fish is native to Guyana, Suriname, and middle to lower Amazon basin. These pencil fish inhabit small rivers and swampy areas that are heavily planted with lots of organic material like wood/leaves. They enjoy gentle filtration in a planted tank. The Marginatus Pencil fish can be quite sensitive and should not be cycled with. They can be shy and timid making them not the best community fish since they are also very small. These fish are best kept with peaceful callichythidae or characins of similar size and temperament. Also more active and comfortable in groups.

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