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2" Blue Three Spot Gourami
2" Blue Three Spot Gourami 2" Blue Three Spot Gourami
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Absolutely Naturals

2" Blue Three Spot Gourami

Difficulty - Beginner
Personality: Semi-Aggressive
Latin Name: Trichogaster trichopterus
Common Names: Blue Gourami / Three-Spot gourami
Adult full size: 6”
Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons
Water Parameters: Neutral
Safe for Planted Tanks: Yes
Foods: will accept all type of foods, best to mix flakes, pellets and freeze dried; Bloodworms are favorites

Blue Gourami are actually color variations of the same species. They originate from South East Asia, and are ‘labyrinth’ fish (breathe air directly); make sure to leave some airspace between water and tank hood. As they grow older they can become territorial, so housing more than one requires a bigger aquarium; they cannot ever be mixed with smaller (dwarf) gourami varieties. Otherwise they are fairly compatible with common varieties of tetras, rainbows, smaller cichlids, barbs & cory cats. They are quite hardy and are not picky eaters. Please read our LIVESTOCK SHIPPING POLICY carefully before placing your order.
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