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2" Praecox Rainbow
2" Praecox Rainbow 2" Praecox Rainbow
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Absolutely Naturals

2" Praecox Rainbow

Difficulty - Beginner
Personality: Peaceful
Latin Name: Melanotaenia praecox
Common Names: Praecox Rainbow / Dwarf Neon or Peacock Rainbowfish
Adult full size: 2”
Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons
Water Parameters: Neutral
Safe for Planted Tanks: Yes
Foods: Omnivorous, will accept all types of food

In the wild Praecox Rainbows can be found in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. But all Praecox sold for aquariums are aquacultured in Malaysia. This is a beautiful Dwarf Rainbow that will add a splash of color to any peaceful aquarium. They are active, peaceful schooling fish, and occupy the top level of the tank. To avoid aggression between males, it is best to keep males-females pairs.
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