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Aureatus Sunshine Pleco (L-014)
Aureatus Sunshine Pleco (L-014)
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Aureatus Sunshine Pleco (L-014)

Latin NameScobinancistrus aureatus
Common Name
: Aureatus Sunshine Pleco, Sunshine Pleco, Goldie Pleco
: Beginner
: Peaceful, Aggressive with conspecifics
: 6.5-8.0
Max Size
: 12"
Minimum Tank Size
: 75g
Plant Safe
: Yes
: Algae Wafers, Sinking Shrimp Wafers, Bloodworms

The Aureatus Sunshine Pleco is named after its bright orange-yellow fins and distinct yellow spots. These Plecos are omnivorous and do best with a mixed diet. They can be territorial with conspecifics, so take caution mixing them with other Plecos.

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