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Avocado Puffer
Avocado Puffer
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Avocado Puffer

Latin Name: Auriglobus modestus
Common Name:
Avocado Puffer, Golden Puffer, Bronze Puffer
Solitary, Aggressive with conspecifics
Max Size:
Minimum Tank Size:
Plant Safe:
Bloodworms, Clam on a Half Shell, ABN Chromo Pellet, Algaemax Pellets

The Avocado Puffer is native to Southeast Asia, inhabiting large rivers and streams with moderate currents, giving this Puffer a sleeker body that allows to to move around quicker than most other Puffers. They are very intelligent and curious fish, and can sometimes nip up other fish so we recommend keeping them in their own tank, but they can be housed with larger fast moving fish such as Giant Danios at your own risk. These fish prefer a planted tank with lots of wood, rocks/caves, and floating plants. This fish is loved for their curious personality and beautiful green and gold coloration. DO NOT house with any snails or shrimp, as this fish will eat them. They can also be kept in brackish water up to a 1.008 salinity. Like all Puffers, they can inflate but it is not good for their health and is recommended to avoid.

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