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Bellus Angel (Female)
Bellus Angel (Female) Bellus Angel (Female)
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Bellus Angel (Female)

Latin Name: Genicanthus bellus
Common Name:
Bellus Angel, Ornate Angelfish
Adult Full Size: 7"
Min. Tank Size:
Safe for Reef Tanks:
Use Caution
UV Required:
Skimmer Required:
Vit C Chromo Pellets, ABN Trifecta, ABN Spirulina Brine, Mysis Shrimp

The Female Bellus Angel is a beautiful fish that is an iridescent white and blue color with black striping running from the gills to the caudal fin. There are also red highlights on the dorsal and anal fins. This is a peaceful Genicanthus species that does best in a harem with one male and multiple females. This fish is considered one of the more "Reef-safe" Angels, but still needs to be added with CAUTION. Keep this fish well fed (2-3 times a day) to increase the chances of it not picking at corals. This fish is sensitive, so a protein skimmer and UV sterilizer are a MUST. Feed a varied diet of Vit C soaked pellets, meaty frozen foods, and seaweed. Do not mix with other Genicanthus species.

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