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King Midas Zoanthid (4-5 polyp frag)
King Midas Zoanthid (4-5 polyp frag)
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King Midas Zoanthid (4-5 polyp frag)

This is a stock photo. Each frag approximately 4-5 polyps 

As with most Palythoa/Zoanthids, Palys do better in areas of medium light combined with medium flow. While these corals are very hardy they are susceptible to pests (such as zoa eating nudibranchs) and should be dipped before adding into the aquarium or when closed. The addition of coral foods such as amino acids, rotifers, phyto plankton, and powdered coral foods will benefit these corals by encouraging faster growth, brighter coloration, and proper health. 

These corals contain palytoxin which is a poisonous compound that can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, allergy, and other symptoms. Proper precautions should be made to avoid palytoxin poisoning with gloves being worn while handling. Also, avoid exposure to open cuts, eyes, mouth, and etc. Finally, extra caution should be given while fragging and cleaning rock with zoas/palys. 

Ideal Reef Parameters (Soft Corals)
Specific gravity: 1.023-1.025
Calcium: 400-450 ppm
Alkalinity: 8-11 DKH
Magnesium: 1200-1400 ppm
Nitrate: 1-10 ppm
Phosphate: 0.03-0.07 ppm


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