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Doliatus Rabbitfish
Doliatus Rabbitfish Doliatus Rabbitfish
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Doliatus Rabbitfish

Latin Name: Siganus doliatus
Common Name:
Barred Spinefoot, Scribbled Rabbitfish
Peaceful, Grazers
Adult Full Size: 10"
Min. Tank Size:
Safe for Reef Tanks:
Yes, with caution
UV Required:
No, but recommended
Skimmer Required:
No, but recommended
ABN Chromo Pellets, ABN Spirulina Brine, Emerald Entree, Seaweed, ABN Spirulina Flakes, ABN Trifecta

The Doliatus Rabbitfish is an awesome algae eater that can be added to both reef and fish only aquariums. They have a bright yellow caudal fin and dorsal fin with a rainbow of iridescent scribbled pattern. Be careful when catching or handling since Rabbitfish have venomous dorsal spines! To prevent this fish from picking at corals, feed them two to three times a day, It is important to feed this fish plenty of seaweed. Doliatus Rabbits are compatible with almost all other marine fish in the aquarium hobby!

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