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Dwarf Chain Loach (Botia sidthimunki)
Dwarf Chain Loach (Botia sidthimunki) Dwarf Chain Loach (Botia sidthimunki)
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Dwarf Chain Loach (Botia sidthimunki)

Difficulty: Easy

Latin NameBotia sidthimunki
Temperament: Peaceful (Relatively Nippy Behavior)
Adult Size: 2"
Min. Tank Size: 30gl.
Food: Bloodworms,Pellets, Flakes, Daphnia, Arctic Pods
Safe for Plants: Yes (Caution: May nip in softer or delicate plants)


Fish from the Botiidae family originating from Northern Thailand. Having con-specifics in the tank with this species can promote social behavior and reduce aggression. A strong lid is recommended since these fish are active swimmers. Adequate covers should be provided to reduce aggression.

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Category: Botias/Loaches