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Glass Catfish
Glass Catfish Glass Catfish
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Glass Catfish

Latin Name: Kryptopterus vitreolus
Common Name:
Glass Catfish, Ghost Catfish
Max Size:
Minimum Tank Size:
Plant Safe:
ABN Chromo Flakes, ABN Chromo Pellet, Spirulina Brine

The Glass Catfish is a very peaceful catfish. Unlike most other Catfish, the Glass Catfish tends to stay towards the middle of the tank. They are a very active species of Catfish, and will do best in a school of at least 3, but bigger groups are recommended. In smaller groups they tend to be more skittish and will not be as active as they should. Since they are peaceful, they will do great with most other peaceful fish such as Livebearers, Kuhli Loaches, Minnows, and small peaceful Rainbows. The Glass Catfish is known for their unique transparent bodies. When the light hits them the right way they display a rainbow of colors throughout their bodies. This fish is very sensitive, so it is important to keep up with water changes and water parameters. 

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