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Gold Algae Eater
Gold Algae Eater Gold Algae Eater
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Gold Algae Eater

Difficulty - Beginner
Personality: Semi Aggressive
Latin Name: Gyrinocheilus aymonieri
Common Names: Gold Algae Eater, Algae Eater
Adult full size: 9”
Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallons
Water Parameters: Neutral
Safe for Planted Tanks: No
Foods: Algae Wafers, Brine Shrimp

This is an awesome algae eater for any more aggressive tank. They do not get as large as some Plecos, only maxxing out around 9 inches, and can hold their own with more aggressive tank mates. Chinese Algae Eaters primarily feed off of algae and the microorganisms that live in it, but it is always best to mix in some meatier food like Brine Shrimp. They become increasingly territorial as they grow, so a large tank is a must to keep any aggression from occurring. Due to this aggression, it is best to add into an already established tank, so it does not establish dominance early, and go after any new additions.

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