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Flametail Gibbiceps Pleco (L-114)
Flametail Gibbiceps Pleco (L-114) Flametail Gibbiceps Pleco (L-114)
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Flametail Gibbiceps Pleco (L-114)

Difficulty - Intermediate
Personality: Semi-aggressive nocturnal scavenger
Latin Name: Pseudacanthicus cf. leopardus (L114)
Common Names: Leopard Cactus / Demini Leopard Cactus / Redtail Leopardus Pleco /
Adult full size: 10”
Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallon
Water Parameters: pH 6.2 - 7.2
Safe for Planted Tanks: No
Foods: Bloodworms, Shrimp pellets, Algae wafers

This fish originates from Rio Demini (Brazil) which drains into Rio Negro. The tomato red coloration on the dorsal and caudal fins is the reason behind its popularity. It is a beautiful variety of what are called ‘Fancy Pleco-s’. Because of its max size a larger aquarium is a must. This is a purely carnivorous pleco which produces quite a bit of waste; a good filtration is definitely required. It is a nocturnal feeder, so feed as late as you can. Highly oxygenated water is a must; good waterflow and driftwood is highly recommended, as is rocky hiding places. Avoid mixing with other pleco-s as fights over territory would be inevitable. As it gets larger it produces quite a bit of waste, so a robust filtration system cannot be overstressed. Please read our LIVESTOCK SHIPPING POLICY carefully before placing your order.
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