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Luteus Pleco
Luteus Pleco
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Luteus Pleco

Latin NameHypostomus luteus
Common Name
: Luteus Pleco, Golden Sailfin Pleco
: Intermediate
: Peaceful, Aggressive with conspecifics
: 6.5-8.0
Max Size
: 12"
Minimum Tank Size
: 120g
Plant Safe
: No
: Algae Wafers, Sinking Shrimp Wafers, Driftwood

The Golden Sailfin Pleco is an awesome Pleco whose coloration changes as it grows. This is a Stage 2 Luteus Pleco, with it moving into a Phase 3. Phase 3 Luteus Plecos are fully golden, which is how they get their name Golden Sailfin Pleco. They require a very large tank, with a 120g being our recommended minimum. They produce a lot of waste as well so heavy filtration is a must. 

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