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Mbu Puffer
Mbu Puffer
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Mbu Puffer

Latin Name: Tetradon mbu
Common Name:
Green Giant Puffer, Mbu Puffer
Solitary, Aggressive with conspecifics
Max Size:
Minimum Tank Size:
120g, will need to upgrade
Plant Safe:
Bloodworms, Snails, Brine Shrimp

The Mbu Puffer is a freshwater Pufferfish that originates from Congo, Tanzania, and Cameroon in rivers and lakes. They even can be in Lake Tanganyika! They can get very large and aggressive, so a large tank is a MUST. They will do well in a 120g for a bit, but upgrading to a 300+ gallon tank is necessary as it grows. They enjoy eating shellfish, worms, snails, and mussels to maintain their sharp teeth. If not given these rough food, it will not wear down the teeth, which will continue to grow and cause issues for the fish. Like other Puffers, the Mbu Puffer will inflate as a response to feeling threatened. This fish is extremely personable, so while they need to be kept alone in a large tank, their personality more than makes up for it!

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