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Berghia nudibranch
Berghia nudibranch Berghia nudibranch
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Berghia nudibranch

Common Name: Berghia nudibranch
Current size: .25" - .75"
Temperament: Peaceful
Latin Name: Aeolidiella stephanieae
Adult full size: .5" - .75"
Min. Tank Size: 75gl
Reef Safe: Yes
UV Required: No
Protein Skimmer: No
Foods: Aiptasia anemone

The ALL NATURAL choice for Aiptasia control.

Berghia are seaslugs that thrive best in good aquarium conditions. They are excellent aiptasia hunters and need a good amount to survive. We do not recommend purchasing Berghias for only a few aiptasias; otherwise they could starve and not serve their purpose. Each hermaphroditic pair can produce many babies (1-2k embryos), and those that survive should grow to adult size in about a month.

For a 75gl with heavy aiptasia infestations we recommend 6-8 individuals to start. Berghia need to be in pairs to thrive in a reef aquaria. A good rule of thumb would be 2 per 20gl.


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