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Pristella Tetra
Pristella Tetra
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Pristella Tetra

Difficulty: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Common Names: X-Ray Tetra
Max Size: 1-2”
Foods: Flakes, Pellets, Arctic Pods, Blood Worms, Brine Shrimp
Latin Name: Pristella maxillaris
Plant Safe: Yes
Price: 3.99
Min Tank Size: 20 gallons

Generally peaceful schooling fish originating from Central and South America. Ideal for community freshwater tanks with tank mates being live bearers (e.g. guppies, platys, mollies etc.), smaller barbs, schooling catfish (e.g. Corydoras) and peaceful cichlids (e.g. Rams, Apistogramma, etc.). For water parameter 78oF and a pH of ~7 are favorable for these types of fish. Since most tetras are omnivorous they can be fed flakes, pellets, worms, shrimp or other foods suitable for community fish.

Regular price $3.99