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Red Eye Puffer
Red Eye Puffer Red Eye Puffer Red Eye Puffer Red Eye Puffer
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Red Eye Puffer

Latin Name: Carinotetraodon irrubesco
Common Name:
Red Eye Puffer, Red Eye Red Tail Puffer, Red Tailed Dwarf Puffer
Max Size:
Minimum Tank Size:
Plant Safe:
Bloodworms, Clam on a Half Shell, ABN Chromo Pellet, Algaemax Pellets

This is a dwarf species of freshwater Pufferfish known for its red eyes and tail. The Red Eye Puffer is not as aggressive as most other Pufferfish, and can be housed with each other and other fast moving fish such as Danios. Males are a bit more territorial than the females are, so it is recommended to have 3-4 females for every male. Males grow to be slightly larger with a cream colored stomach, while females stay smaller with patterning on their stomach. A soft substrate is recommended since they like to bury themselves in the substrate. A tight fitting lid is recommended, since they can be jumpy when spooked by other fish. The Red Eye Pufferfish is very personable and interactive with their owners. This fish is very sensitive to water quality, so a very established tank is recommended. They do best in a lower flow environment. Like all Pufferfish, the Red Eye Puffers can inflate, but it can be dangerous to their health and is never recommended to provoke them to do so.

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