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Red Flame Gourami
Red Flame Gourami
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Red Flame Gourami

Difficulty - Intermediate
Personality: Peaceful Slow Swimmer
Adult full size: 2.5”
Minimum Tank Size: 15 gallons
Water Parameters: Neutral
Safe for Planted Tanks: Yes
Foods: Flakes, Bloodworms, Micropellets, Spirulina Mysis or Brine Shrimp


This is a great addition to a peaceful aquarium, but cannot be kept with fast nippy fish like barbs and danios. It is also not recommended to mix Dwarf gourami-s with larger Gourami-s like Blue, Gold, Opaline, Pink, Pearl etc. Interesting fact: gourami-s are mouth-breathers; they have a labyrinth organ that allows them to take oxygen directly from air.

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