Sarco Leather
Sarco Leather
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Sarco Leather

Difficulty: Easy
Light Level:Medium
Water Flow: High
Common Names: Toadstool Leather 
Latin Name: Sarcophyton sp.
Foods: Amino Acids, Rotifers, Phytoplankton, Powdered Coral Foods, Small Meaty Foods



Sarcophyton leathers are excellent additions for a beginner aquarist because these corals are able to tolerate a wide variety of water conditions.

As with most Sarcophyton/Sinularia Corals, Sarco Leather does better in areas of high light combined with high flow. High flow is specifically important for these corals as they regularly go through a shedding cycle. When this happens the corals polyps will close and it will begin to shed a translucent slime from its body .The aquarist should not be alarmed when this happens as it is a natural process that removes algae/detritus. As a result, the high flow is very beneficial in aiding these corals during their shedding cycle. These corals are very hardy if their husbandry requirements are met and are able to survive in a variety of conditions. Finally, the addition of coral food such as amino acids, rotifers, phyto plankton, and powdered coral foods will benefit these corals by encouraging faster growth, brighter colorations, and proper health.

Ideal Reef Parameters (soft corals)
Specific gravity: 1.023-1.025
Calcium: 400-450 ppm
Alkalinity: 8-11 DKH
Magnesium: 1200-1400 ppm
Nitrate: 1-10 ppm
Phosphate: 0.03-0.07 ppm

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