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Tonganus Tang
Tonganus Tang Tonganus Tang
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Tonganus Tang

Common Name: Tonganus Tang
Latin name: Naso tonganus
Adult full size: 24"
Difficulty: Moderate
Temperament: Moderate
Min. Tank: 120gl
Safe for reef tanks: Yes
Required UV: Yes
Required Skimmer: No
Foods: Vegetation, Algae Sheets, Mysis, Spirulina Brine

This tang species is semi-challenging marine fish. They are not ideal for beginner aquarists due to the fact that they are prone to parasites (ich), and therefore a UV is a must! Saw Tail Tang acclimate well to an aquarium 120 gallons or larger and caution should be taken when mixing with other tangs. Tangs are good algae grazers in any saltwater aquaria, they belong to the family of Surgeonfish, named for the scalpel-like feature on their tail (be careful handling this fish). Food should be vegetable based. Use of an algae clip or suction cup veggie foods to front glass to enjoy this fish feeding.

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