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Veiltail Betta
Veiltail Betta
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Absolutely Naturals

Veiltail Betta

Veiltail bettas are available in an assortment of colors. Most common colors are red, blue, green, purple, and orange. Some colors are limited on quantity. 

If mixed with other fish in an aquarium avoid similar sized fish such as dwarf gouramis or fish with long flowy fins such as guppies. Cannot be kept with other Betta fish. Avoid strong filtration, this fish prefers slow moving water. Feed either Betta pellets or freeze dried blood-worms. We will provide a Betta care sheet with the order.


**Veiltail Bettas come in variety of color, we will be picking out the best VT Betta possible for you. 

Please read our LIVESTOCK SHIPPING POLICY carefully before placing your order.
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