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Wild Blue Uatuma Discus
Wild Blue Uatuma Discus Wild Blue Uatuma Discus
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Wild Blue Uatuma Discus

Latin Name: Symphydon heckel
Common Name
: Blue Uatuma Discus
: Advanced
: Peaceful
: 5.5-6.5
Max Size
: 8"
Minimum Tank Size
: 75g
Plant Safe
: Yes
: Blackworms, Bloodworms, Hikari Vibra Bites, Daphnia

Wild Blue Uatuma Discus are named after neon blue patterns and origin from the Uatuma River. Like all wild Discus, these fish prefer higher temperatures from (82F-90F) and acidic water (pH 5.5-6.5) with lots of tannins. When adding new Discus to an established Discus tank, it is better to add more than one at a time to prevent territorial behavior. Discus are peaceful, and also very sensitive. They do well with other peaceful fish that like similar conditions, such as Rams, Cardinal Tetras, Rummynose Tetras, etc.

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