Reef Nutrients for Frags, Corals and Zoas

Reef Nutrients for Frags, Corals and Zoas

By: Christopher Fong

Like all living creatures on earth frags, corals and zoas require many essential things to survive and grow such as nutrients. In this short blog I will briefly go into these important nutrients and how they can benefit your reef tank’s inhabitants.
Photos:, Cedes Militante
First are essential elements and minerals like calcium, alkalinity, magnesium and trace elements which can be supplied with many of the products found in store and on our site. It’s important to maintain proper levels of these parameters in order to facilitate proper health, color and growth particularly in stony hard corals which require these elements in order to grow.
Next is the energy nutrients which can be considered foods like amino acids which should be added regularly (Once or twice a week in appropriate setups) to help maintain vivid coloration and enhance growth rates especially in frags. What also helps is to soak other dry coral foods like powders and pellets in amino acids and then feed them to your corals which is an awesome and effective combination. Feeding your corals in general also helps to make them healthier which in turn helps them to withstand stressful events and makes them hardier.
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