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Tropheus Duboisi (Juvenile)
Tropheus Duboisi (Juvenile) Tropheus Duboisi (Juvenile) Tropheus Duboisi (Juvenile) Tropheus Duboisi (Juvenile)
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Tropheus Duboisi (Juvenile)

Difficulty - Advanced
Personality: Aggressive
Adult full size: 5”
Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallons
Water Parameters: pH 8.2 - 9.5; temp 75-82F
Safe for Planted Tanks: No
Foods: Spirulia pellets and flakes, seaweed, zucchini and algae pellets

This cichlid is endemic to Lake Tanganyika and would be best suited with other Tanganyikan cichlids. As is the case for all African Rift Lake cichlids, this fish requires a higher pH and cannot be mixed with most other freshwater fish. It is best to house only 1 Tropheus per tank as they are very territorial and aggressive towards each other. However this fish can live peacefully with other species of African cichlids. Tropheus are strictly herbivores and will succumb to bloating if fed too much protein or meaty foods. The diet of the tank may have be oriented around the tropheus. All African cichlids require extra filtration and water flow as well as excellent maintenance (regular cleaning). Good water quality and appropriate housemates are most important to keep this species healthy.

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