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3" Blue Jaw  Trigger ( Blue Throat)
3" Blue Jaw  Trigger ( Blue Throat) 3" Blue Jaw  Trigger ( Blue Throat)
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Absolutely Naturals

3" Blue Jaw Trigger ( Blue Throat)

Difficulty: Beginner
Temperament: Semi-aggressive
Latin Name: Xanthicthys Auromarginatus
Common Names: Blue Jaw / Blue Throat / Blue Chin Trigger / Gilded Triggerfish
Adult full size: 8”
Minimum Tank Size: 75+gallon
UV Required: Yes
Protein Skimmer: No
Reef Safe: No
Foods: Live, Frozen & Dry Foods

This is a cool alternative to a Crosshatch Trigger. Blue Jaw Triggers are relatively peaceful and moderately reef-safe. Though many end up in reef aquaria, some caution should be taken as they may eat mobile invertebrates when they grow large. Feeding krill & hard-shelled shrimp will help whittle down their ever-growing teeth. This fish has a unique ability to occasionally ‘grunt’, which is extremely cool!
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Category: Triggers and Files