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Bumble Bee Goby
Bumble Bee Goby Bumble Bee Goby
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Absolutely Naturals

Bumble Bee Goby

Difficulty - Intermediate
Personality: Peaceful
Latin Name: Brachygobius doriae
Adult full size: 1.5”
Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons
Water Parameters: Brackish is ideal, but will adjust to freshwater
Safe for Planted Tanks: Yes
Foods: Small live or frozen foods (tubifex worms, bloodworms, brine shrimp and daphnia) / Micropellets

This is an amazing nano fish that originates from Southeast Asia. Because of their size and temperament they cannot be mixed with anything large enough to eat it, or aggressive enough to bully it. Small peaceful tetras, or other nano fish like Dwarf Pea Puffers will work well as tank mates. Live plants are a must, as are rocky hiding places. They are highly territorial, so make sure you provide plenty of space if housing more than one (5 gallons per goby).

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We recommend using a drip line to acclimate this fish. Click here! Please read our LIVESTOCK SHIPPING POLICY carefully before placing your order.
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