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Annularis Angel
Annularis Angel
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Absolutely Naturals

Annularis Angel

Difficulty: Intermediate
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Latin Name: Pomacanthus annularis
Common Names: Bluering Angel, Annularis Angel, Blue King Angel
Adult full size: 12”
Minimum Tank Size: 90 gallons
UV Required: Yes
Protein Skimmer: Yes
Reef Safe: No
Foods: Vit C Pellets, Mysis Shrimp, Angel and Butterfly Mix, Clams, Squid, Seaweed

The Annularis Angel is a beautiful fish originating from areas in the Indo Pacific and the Indian Ocean. This fish exhibits a brown body and blue striping along the body with a white caudal fin. This fish is not appropriate for a reef tank, as it will nip at sessile, meaty inverts. This fish will need ample amounts of rockwork and hiding places as it will be shy at first. A protein skimmer and UV sterilizer are highly recommended as this fish is very susceptible to disease. Do not mix with other large angels. Make sure to feed a varied diet loaded with Vitamin C to help with disease.

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