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Chestnut Moray
Chestnut Moray Chestnut Moray
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Chestnut Moray

Difficulty: Beginner
Personality: Predatory
Latin Name: Enchelycore carychroa
Common names: Chestnut Moray
Adult Full Size: 13”
Min. Tank Size: 60g
Safe for Reef tanks: Yes, but will eat critters
UV Required: No
Protein Skimmer Required: Yes
Foods: Krill, Squid, Silversides (when larger)

The Chestnut Moray is the smallest species of Enchelycore Eel that is endemic to the Caribbean. They are rusty brown in color with white-yellow spots along their face. Their teeth are alway visible as they have an angled jaw. This fish may be shy at first and will appreciate plenty of rock work and crevices to hide in. They are strictly carnivorous and will only need 3 feedings per week. A tight fitting lid is highly recommended as these guys are great escape artists.

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