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Exodon Tetra
Exodon Tetra Exodon Tetra
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Exodon Tetra

Difficulty: Easy- Intermediate 
Temperament: Aggressive/Predatory
Common Names: Bucktooth Tetra
Max Size: 6”
Foods: ABN Chromo Pellet, ABN Earthworm flake, live and freeze dried Bloodworms, small frozen foods
Latin Name: Exodon paradoxus
pH: 7-7.6

Plant Safe: Yes
Min Tank Size: 30 gallons

These tetras are native to the Brazilian amazons, Rio Branco river systems, and Guyana. Inhabiting fast flowing rivers because of their high oxygenated water. The Exodon tetra are best suited in planted tanks with hiding areas for their shoals. Heavy filtration is recommended since they enjoy to be in large groups, however they are not community fish and should be kept in species only tank setups, or with other large characins. Males are slimmer where as females have elongated anal and dorsal fins.  

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