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Goldenback Trigger
Goldenback Trigger Goldenback Trigger
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Goldenback Trigger

Difficulty: Easy
Temperament: Aggressive
Latin Name: Xanthichys caeruleolineatus
Common Names: Outrigger Triggerfish, Blueline Trigerfish, Goldenback Triggerfish
Adult full size: 14”
Minimum Tank Size: 75 gallon, upgrade when larger
UV Required: No
Protein Skimmer: No
Reef Safe: No
Foods: ABN Large Pellets, ABN frozen foods, Silversides, Clams, Krill, Squid

The Goldenback trigger native from the the Angela Islands eastward to the Galapagos, and even north to south Japan. This fish shows some amazing color of being bicolored with a goldish-brown top, silverish-white bottom, split by a dark orange line to the tail. Beautiful colored horizontal lines on the face going towards the gills, and an impressive reddish-orange outline on the tail. This fish can be aggressive at times so be cautious with tank mates. The Goldenback trigger is also not recommended in a reef as they can eat shrimp, snails, hermits, urchins, and other inverts. Make sure to feed plenty of meaty foods and provide a good amount of rockwork for this fish to swim through and hide.

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