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Maroon Clown
Maroon Clown
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Maroon Clown

Latin NamePremnas biaculeatus
Common Name
: Maroon Clown
: Beginner
: Aggressive
Adult Full Size: 6"
Min. Tank Size
: 55g
Safe for Reef Tanks
: Yes
UV Required
: No
Skimmer Required
: No
: ABN Marine Flakes, NLS Thera A, Mysis Feast, Blood Worms

A Clownfish that originates from the Indo Pacific, these fish are designer maroon coloration with striking white stripes. These are a different species than the standard Orange Clownfish. The Maroon Clowns are more aggressive and territorial than other clowns, especially if paired and spawning. These make a great addition to semi aggressive reef and fish only set ups.

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