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Platinum White Neon Tetra
Platinum White Neon Tetra
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Absolutely Naturals

Platinum White Neon Tetra

Difficulty: Intermediate
Personality: Peaceful
Latin Name: Paracheirodon innesi
Adult full size: 1.5”
Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallon
Water Parameters: Normal
Safe for Planted Tanks: Yes
Foods: Flakes, Microwafers, Daphnia

This it the platinum variety of the classic Neon Tetra. The Neon Tetra was originally found in South America, inhabiting both clearwater and blackwater streams in Colombia, Peru and Brazil. When found in blackwater streams, the neon tetras remain visible to other members of their species due to their unique and stunning colors. These little tetras are active schooling fish. They are most comfortable and show their best colors when kept in a school of 6 or more fish. Neon Tetras can be kept in a planted aquarium with a dark gravel substrate or in an aquarium with a lot of driftwood or bog wood to better simulate their natural habitat.

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