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Polypterus delhezi
Polypterus delhezi
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Polypterus delhezi

Difficulty – Intermediate
Personality: Peaceful; Nocturnal Predator
Latin Name: Polypterus delhezi
Common Names: Armored bichir, Barred bichir
Adult full size: 14”
Minimum Tank Size: 55-75 gallons
Water Parameters: Neutral
Safe for Planted Tanks: Yes
Foods: Sinking carnivore pellets, Krill, Silversides and other meaty foods.

This snake-like fish originates from various heavily vegetated rivers, streams, and lakes in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This Polypterus enjoys softer substrate as they tend to hangout towards the bottom of the tank. They also appreciate plants and driftwood as it makes them feel more secure in the tank. This fish is predatory so be cautious with tankmates as they will eat anything that can fit in their mouth. So having tankmates such as larger Characins, Synodontis, other Polypterus, and other larger fish is highly recommended. Males have larger anal fins then females. These fish are very hardy and mostly nocturnal, however rely mostly on their sense of smell because of their poor vision.

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