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Porcupine Puffer
Porcupine Puffer Porcupine Puffer
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Porcupine Puffer

Difficulty – Moderate
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Latin Name: Diodon holocanthus
Common Names: Porcupine Puffer, Porcupine fish, BalloonFish
Adult full size: 12"+ 
Minimum Tank Size: 90 gallon 
UV Required: Not required but good to have 
Protein Skimmer: Yes
Foods: Omnivore - Meaty Foods, Pellters, known to eat marine algae as well.
Reef Safe: No


The porcupine puffer has spiny appendages covering most of its body which varies from shades of tan to a golden color with darker sports. They have a strong beak - like mouth to help them eat tough meaty foods and crustaceans including krill, shelled shrimp, as well as squid and clams. This fish can be nippy towards other fish, but usually has a great personality and learns who feeds it.


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