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Retroculus xinguensis
Retroculus xinguensis
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Retroculus xinguensis

Latin Name: Retroculus xinguensis
Common Name: Xingu retroculus
Semi-Aggressive, Sociable when in a group.
Max Size:
Minimum Tank Size:
Plant Safe:
Chromo Flakes, Chromo Pellets, Brine Shrimp, Bloodworms

This fish originates from the Xingu River in Brazil. They prefer strong, well oxygenated rapids in the wild, so a strong filter and flow is recommended in their tanks. A fine substrate like sand is recommended as these fish are similar to Geophagus, and will sift through the sand throughout the day. Lots of leaf litter and sticks is also recommended. Retroculus are compatible with other semi-aggressive Central and South American cichlids, larger schooling fish, and larger catfish and plecos. A larger tank is necessary if you are looking to have a school of them. Males are more slender than females as they mature, and tend to have more coloration in the fins. These fish are relatively peaceful with their tank mates, but can become very territorial if they are trying to breed. 

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