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Live Rotifers
Live Rotifers
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Absolutely Fish

Live Rotifers

Live Brachionus roundiformis provide an excellent food source for coral and fish fry. These rotifers are zooplanktons that have been fed with an enriched microalgae. Given their size (90-150µm), B. roundiformis have been successfully used in larval culture of newly hatched fresh water and marine fish. They have also been used to feed a variety of corals and other invertebrates. SPS coral, crinoids and clams have benefited greatly from the addition of enriched rotifers to a dosing/feeding routine.

Rotifers can remain dormant for up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator with access to air. Be sure to store with the cap open. They are kept at a specific gravity of 1.018 and can be strained through a coffee filter to use for (feed) Freshwater larvae/fry. 200-250 rotifers per mL. More concentrated live rotifer bottles are available.

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