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Leopard Cactus Pleco (L-600)
Leopard Cactus Pleco (L-600) Leopard Cactus Pleco (L-600)
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Leopard Cactus Pleco (L-600)

Difficulty - Advanced
Personality: Semi-aggressive nocturnal scavenger
Latin Name: Pseudacanthicus leopardus (L-600)
Adult full size: 16”
Minimum Tank Size: 150 gallon
Water Parameters: pH 6.0-6.8
Safe for Planted Tanks: No
Foods: Krill, Clams on 1/2 Shell, Bloodworms, Some Vegetable matter

This is one of the rarest varieties of what are called ‘Fancy Plecos’. It originates from Rio Rupununi, Rio Takutu, Guyana, and Rio Branco, Brazil.  Because of its large maximum size, a big setup with powerful filtration is required, as is proper and regular maintenance. They are nocturnal feeders (so feed as late as you can) and are hard to spot during the day when they hide in the rock crevices. Make sure to provide this pleco with lots of coverage, and caves. It is more carnivores than it is herbivorous, so be sure to feed a mix of foods. Avoid mixing with other plecos as fights over territory would be inevitable.

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